Vacation Has Begun!

So this is the beginning of our 5 week adventure – today we pack, tomorrow we fly!!!

Just a quick bike packing session.   <—–click that!

Tomorrow we will fly out of Portland directly to Iceland where we have a short layover before we finish our first travel day to Oslo, Norway.  From there, we rent a car to drive from Oslo to Arvika, Sweden.  We didn’t want to risk not being allowed on the commuter train with all our luggage and bikes so hopefully we’ll get there by car 🙂

In Sweden, Abra and I will be participating in what I believe is to be the largest orienteering festival in the world – currently 11,533 registered orienteers!  Here is the website for you to check out:  oringen.seMajority of the participants are competing in foot-O but we are racing 5 days of MTBO.  Looking forward to seeing this scene of 11,000 plus orienteers in one place!



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