Junior Relay in the City Center of Arvika & Day 1 of MTBO O-Ringen

Saturday was the official beginning of O-Ringen with the Junior Relay through the streets of Arvika.  Teams of four competed for first place with record turn out of spectators – it was so cool to see so many people watching and cheering.

Fun Video Of  Relay 🙂

Sunday – Day 1 of MTBO complete and it was the longest stage.  And wow, we haven’t been MTBO’ing!  Today the long course gave us the opportunity to get used to the terrain and the map –  we both started out a little shaky and then finally found our groove with random errors here and there.

We started the day out with our new friend, Malin, picking us up from our apartment and heading out to the beautiful Swedish countryside.

The drive was about and hour with very little traffic, maybe because we may have been in the middle of nowhere?  Sounds like a typical orienteering race!

We arrived at our destination and parked in the field along with all the other racers.  As we pull up to the car next to us, I (Sue) sort of recognized the person next to us but wasn’t sure.  He overheard us talking about racing in the US and mentioned he too was from the US, and that confirmed everything!  We just parked next to Carl Fey who I know from my ski-orienteering days back in New York!  We were on the same US Ski-O Team in ’92 and ’94 – yes, it is a small world.

And now it’s time to race!

The map looks simple but we both did a good job making it challenging.

And then we ate!  It’s super nice that the grocery store is right next door!

And tomorrow, we get to do it all over again!!!!


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