Middle Distance, O-Ringen Staden + Daylight 4 Eva

Yesterday’s Middle Distance race was held at a nordic ski area in Sunne. The course was around 8 miles with a fair amount of climbing and fun descents. Sue came out of the day with a third place ride, sneaking by 4th place in just under a minute. Awesome! I had a 5th place finish, just about a minute and a half-ish behind Sue. Comparing route choices afterwards was pretty fun, as we each made a number of different decisions on the course. One had me arriving at a control just one second slower than Sue, and another lost me 1.5 minutes! We are both feeling better about getting into the map and are looking forward to more races the rest of this week. 

Here’s a peak at yesterday’s map (in a nice, low-lit photo), plus some other photos from the day. 

Below you can see a large ski lodge/spa/hotel in the background. The day turned out to be gorgeous despite earlier weather reports calling for rain. 
Everyone hung out on the lawn waiting for their start times to come up. Each day has been quite a big production, with an announcer and lots of volunteers. 

There were still some wildflowers even though I think it’s late in the season for them. 

We are just starting to get used to the perma daylight of Sweden. The sun sets around 10:30pm and rises again around 4:00am. The first few nights this was challenging, and it seems the children next door are out bouncing on their squeaky trampoline until the last smidgeon of light is gone. Now we are beginning to realize how helpful it is because we can ride home on our bikes way late into the evening with no need for lights!

One thing we haven’t quite gotten used to is the large amount of classic American cars owned and driven by local folks from Arvika, and it seems they prefer convertibles. Our downstairs neighbor says all the car owners like to drive slowly through town when there’s an event going on. O-Ringen is the perfect opportunity! I haven’t snagged any good photos yet, but here’s something to give you the idea. I even saw one guy dressed in a leather jacket with hair slicked back like Elvis. So strange, and not something we were expecting to see at all. 

A few other fun things before we head out the door:

We have found so many delicious new flavors of sparkling water. This is Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry _______________, and Pear. All delicious!

And here is a terrible photo of the O-Ringen campsite last night. A lot of the camping locations are next to an airplane runway in the middle of a field. It’s been repurposed as a huge “Sunday Parkways” transportation space where everyone rides, walks, and scoots back and forth to other campsites, events, or wherever they need to be. It’s really pretty magical. This was last night getting ready to leave after stopping by Magnus and Sanna Wallenborg’s (who we know through MTBO) campsite where we got invited to their club’s evening Fika, or “social break with one’s colleagues, friends, or family.” 

And lastly, we also ran into some other US orienteers! I spotted Tori’s Cascade Orienteering Club jersey out our window and we ran down to see who it was. Tori, Kevin, and Hannah are all participating in Foot-O. So fun to see people out of the blue amongst what is now 12,000+ O-Ringen participants!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Middle Distance, O-Ringen Staden + Daylight 4 Eva

  1. Avundsjuk!!! Wow, you really are getting the full Arvika deal! Yep, lots of classic cars. The Ramlösa and Loka are very familiar. And now I really understand what you meant when you said MTBO was not that close to Arvika. Sunne is indeed quite the the drive.

    Congrats on the results today. That’s fantastic! Love lookin’ at the maps, too.

    Lycka till!

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  2. Blueberry Raspberry water! So fun reading about your adventures!! My brother just got back last night. Glad to see you’re having so much fun! We had a picnic at the park with the gang and missed you both!

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